YouLeaD 2018 Experience

Are you a Filipino? Do you love the Philippines? Do you wish for a better country?

If you answered yes to all of the above then you’re exactly the person we need! This is a shout-out to all local Filipino youth leaders and this is our message: It’s our turn! It’s our time! Get ready to change the world with the Youth Leaders in the Diaspora (YouLeaD) 2018:  Turning our Hearts to Home!

Join the Youth Leaders in the Diaspora from June 18 – 22, 2018 at Manila, Bulacan and Zambales. Bringing together over 100 Filipino youth leaders from across the globe, the summit is open to Filipino youths ages 15-30. It’s time to shape the future of the Philippines!

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YouLeaD 2018 Itinerary

Join the 5-day journey from June 18 – 22, 2018. Gain a deeper appreciation of your Filipino roots. Visit historic places. Enjoy the beauty of old Manila, Bulacan and Zambales. Your itinerary will also include eco-tours, island hopping adventures, with parallel lectures on Philippines history, traditions, language, cuisine, and social/cultural norms. Do your part in nation-building with Gawad Kalinga. Re-discover the Philippines and all that makes it beautiful and unique!

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Youth Leaders in the Diaspora

Youth Leaders in the Diaspora (YouLeaD) was first known as the Lakbay-Aral is a Filipino term which means “travel study”, is a two-week cultural immersion program in the Philippines, developed and implemented since 1983.

The Lakbay-Aral enables Filipino youth overseas to rediscover their Filipino roots and appreciate the richness and diversity of their heritage. The program combines lectures on Philippine history and language and guided tours to scenic and historical landmarks. Interaction with Filipino students, public officials and members of indigenous communities and participation in local festivities are also included in the program.